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an emotional vigil. >> i just want donae back. >> cal train already had plans to install fences in the area where donae was killed. his mother is also asking other parents to warn their kids about walking along the tracks. >>> lei la was riding her bike to school back in november when she was hit by an suv. investigators have now determined that the girl was add fault for the crash because she should have yielded to the suv. her family rejected the police findings and launching its own investigation. >>> a parolee wanted on felony weapons charges is still missing after he evaded police in a san jose neighborhood. officers tracked him down yesterday afternoon. police say he ran off. disguarded a loaded gun and jumped fences to escape. officers set up a perimeter, went yard to yard searching for him but they did not find him. >>> law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out if a shootout with deputies in texas could be linked to the killing of a colorado state prison chief. it started yesterday afternoon ending with the death of a colorado prison inmat
are waiting for cal ran. our guys try to move the rocks with the tow trucks but we were not able to succeed in that. cal tran needs to come in aeroand sweep these lanes. >> reporter: when we talk about rocks how big? >> we are talking three or four feet. i lived in the rockies so it's not a boulder but -- to us. but it's a significant size rock. you can see the debris and we did hear a little bit of sliding a few minutes ago. they will also be looking at what we need to make sure the hillside is okay. >> reporter: any injuries that you know of? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: again the two fast lanes are blocked. still debris on the roadways. they are trying to figure out how to shore up the hillside here. we'll bring you more as the morning continues. brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time now 6:04. developing news from northern virginia. three people are dead. there was a shooting on the quantico marine base. authorities there say a male marine suspected of shooting two fellow marines a man and woman and killing himself. coming up at 6:15
and fluid in the roadway. that is why cal tran had to i vat wait. this happened at 3:15 this morning. someone driving on 280 called 911 after seeing a body on the freeway. the chp is calling this is a hit and run. drivers stopped to help but the chp says no others were damaged that were on the scene. they think somehow this woman was walking on the freeway. someone hit aerohen sped off. >> we have no information right now. if anyone saw anything, please call highway patrol. >> some of the drivers who stopped to help had to be comforted by the chp because they were traumatized by the scene. they have little to go on. no leads. no one seemed to have witnessed this. they would really like any information. they are calling people to call 1-800-tell chp. it's too early to tell who this person is. we were wondering if it was somebody homeless. but again too early to tell. as far as an estimated time when they would open the lane they thought it would be open now. but since they have to call cal tran it could be a little bit longer. reporting live fr
in for march madness. they are hosting the second and third round and cal is the 12th seed of the east region. they have a 5 and 1 record against cal. they are not just cheering for pam cook, they are cheering for the men's basketball team because they were selected yesterday. they will play middle tennessee state in the first four and tomorrow in dayton, if they win they will become part of the west region and play the 6th seed on thursday. >>> bracket selection for the women's tournament starts today. stanford and cal are expected to get high seeds. they wanted 7th and cal is only 6. >>> good morning everybody and at the toll plaza, no problems if you are in livermore but it is slow, let's go to steve. >>> mostly sunny this morning by this afternoon we will be talking about rain and we could sure use it but here is some patchy low clouds and upper 60s and lower 70s inland. >>> coming up on mornings on 2, violence in the east bay, police are searching for a man who committed a knife attack. >>> and the pope will be officially inaugurated tomorrow a
the cliffs as well. a short time ago the cal tran spokesperson talked about why this project is so important. >> this one is significant. the people have waited for this for years. they rely on highway 1 for commerce for commuting, for the quality of life. and over the years highway 1 this stretch of highway 1 has been plagued by mud slides, rock slides, slip outs and every time it has had to close, the local economies are devastated. >> reporter: so cal tran will be hold colding a ribbon cutting ceremony. the official unvailing at 11:00 this morning here at the two tunnels. it will feature lawmakers that hope to push this project along over the years. by the way it's important to point out this is not an event that is open to the public. then what will happen is after that ribbon cutting ceremony there will be last minute road reconfiguration work that crews will have to do. and later on today possibly first thing tomorrow morning the two tunnels will be open to the public to drive through. live this morning near pacifica alex savidge. >> 6:07.
the new tunnels open, cal tran plans to turn the old portion of highway into a pedestrian or cycling park. cal tran will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony. that will happen at 11:00 this morning. by the way that is not a public event. and after that happens, cal tran crews have to do last minute road reconfiguration to get things set up for the tunnel but they hope to have the two new tunnels open to the public and have drivers going through possibly later on tonight but if there is more work to do it could be tomorrow morning. live this morning near devils slide alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time now 5:06. part says expect midweek delays in the transbay tube. trains will slow down because that work requires special equipment. bart will be doing the work tuesday, wednesday, and thursday nights to try to lessen the delies. that work will continue straight through to the spring of 2014. >>> 5:06 is the time. during our 4:30 show sal you were talking about an injury crash. that still out there? >> it is. fort matily the injuries -- for
sometimes and cal train said they plan to have fans efencing up on the tracks even before his death. >>> they are allowing small plains and they will be passing out leaflets asking congress to overturn the decision on planes. flight attendants are also asking them about focusing on explosives. >>> and it originated in china. it appears to be the source that caused 32,000 computers to crash head yesterday afternoon. officials say it is too early to make blame. >>> the online video site said 1 billion people a month watches videos and it started as a powerful force, it is if you owned by google and gives them another large scale platform for online ads. >>> people are hoping to win a year of the famous sourdough bread. the location is on stevens boulevard and the first 100 people will receive a free loaf of bread every day for a year. this is a give away and the price is estimated to be 130,000 dollars. in honor, he will donate bread to the second harvest food bank. i was at that. >> it is good. it is nice they are doing that. >>> they are talking
and killed by a passing cal train near virginia street >> there's nothing to indicate it was the result of foul play or intentional about. >> friends say he often took a shortcut home near the tracks, there are already warning signs in place to revent illegal crossings and they had plans to put up fencing around the tracks before his death >>> later on today. flight attendants plan to protest the decision to allow small knives on planes. they will ask passengers to tell congress overturn and allow knives on planes. they will ask them to sign an online petition. it will allow the screeners to focus on looking for explosives. >>> police will be out in force in the san mateo campus at the high school this morning. more on the online threat that led to the increased security. >>> we're live in san jose where there is absolutely madness, march madness kicks off. the excitement coming up >>> good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well out in the the bridge. >>> it will be breezy and highs in the 60s. welcome back. good morning. here's a quick l
devil's slide. we'll tell you about the event cal tran has planned later on this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning march 25th i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i'm glad to see steve paulson back. >> i'm glad to be back too. >> feeling a bit better. >> i know. we do have a lot of high clouds spilling over us today. it will not be as nice as the weekend. pam and dave told me it was a very nice weekend. [ laughter ] i had to take their word for it. i didn't see much of it. today 50s and 60s and low 70s. here is sal. >>> right now we are looking at 880 as you drive through the traffic does look good as you get up to the downtown oakland area. also we are looking at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along very nicely at the toll plaza. it's 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> over night news a car involved in a high speed chase through alameda county might be connected to a shooting in hayward. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moria
seed cal as one of his four schools to reach the women's' final four. it happens in fresno. >>> 6:48 is the time. sal, it is a great month for basketball >> it is a great month but very distracting for some of us. >>> i would like to go to the maps, boy, that was quick, westbound 92, they just got a new crash reported a minute ago. thank you, westbound 92 at the toll plaza, we just got word of a new crash, they are blocking one of the fast track lanes, westbound 92 right at the san mateo toll plaza, a brand-new crash was reported and chp is not even there yet and if it does it will cause a big problem. northbound 280 and on the corner it is stop and go. we have a 20 minutes delay here at the toll plaza and we have talked about the problems near the walnut creek fender-bender so use care as you do. let's go to steve. >>> well, some rain overnight, not a lot, a little bit, i see my ship come in and once again i was at the bus station. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures, light rain, not enough, it is just an ugly february and march, i have been doin
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10